Zero Zero

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Restaurant: Zero Zero

Location: 826 Folsom St, San Francisco

Date consumed: 22 November 2014

Castro Pizza

What I ordered: Castro Pizza & Terrior cocktail

Comments: This sausage and pepperoni pizza was too salty but I enjoyed the cocktail.

This is probably my worst dining service experience ever.

(Because I didn’t have a reservation, I waited around 30 minutes and got a seat at the bar. This is normal)

What wasn’t normal was the rude bartender! (Unfortunately I don’t have a name). When I requested to upgrade my mozzarella to buffalo mozzarella, without checking, he told me the kitchen would refuse. He asked about the food and I told him the pizza was too salty for my liking, he then sarcastically commented “Well, what do you expect from sausage and pepperoni.”


Food rating: 1 / 5 – Edible

Drink rating: 4 / 5 – YUM!

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