brushstroke Kaiseki Restaurant & brushstroke Sushi – Bouley

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Restaurant: Brushstroke

Location: 30 Hudson Street, New York

Date consumed: 5 December 2014

What I ordered: The 5 course tasting menu.

Kabocha & Butternut Squash Soup // Smoked Alaskan Black Cod Sesame-Yaki & Tender Grilled Octopus & Black Sesame Squid Ink Purée // Lobster & Chive Buds, Egg-Don

(click on image for description)



Food rating: 1 / 5 – Edible

Comments: $55 for a 5 course tasting menu in NYC. You’d think the price sounds reasonably but no, it was not! I had somewhat of an expectation when I made my reservation since it was a David Bouley restaurant.

The tastiest item on the menu was the first item I had, the foie gras canape (left in first photo). Then it was downhill from there! The soup was boring and bland, the texture of the cod and squid were nice and tender but sadly over-salted. The lobster don too was absolutely boring, boring scrambled eggs with pieces of lobsters over rice; it also got saltier and saltier as I continued. The green tea pudding was alright, nothing impressive, though the vanilla beans in the pudding all sunk to the bottom.

My cousin had the salad (not pictured), salmon and ice cream and nope, her experience was no better than mine.

Conclusion //

I wouldn’t come back, but I still have hopes for Bouley’s other restaurants.

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