No Chewing Allowed!

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Company: No Chewing Allowed

Location: Bryant Park Holiday Shops & The Holiday Market at Union Square & The Holiday Market at Columbus Circle, New York

Date consumed: 2 December 2014

What I ordered: Hot Chocolate

Snapchat-3477619033837701176 (1)_1

Drink rating: 3 / 5 – Good

Comments: Super cute concept for chocolate truffles and their chocolate truffles are TO DIE FOR! But I can’t say the same for their hot chocolate, it’s good, but not amazing. I like rich, creamy hot chocolates and it was yummy at first! But slowly became too rich and overwhelming.

Conclusion //

Get the hot chocolate if you’re in the mood for one, I like that they drop a truffle into their hot chocolate.

GET their chocolate truffles!!! I’m obsessed with their Classic flavour!

Second choice would be Hazelnut, followed by Toasted Almonds then Salted Toffee. Didn’t try the Candied Orange Peel cause I don’t like citrus flavoured chocolates.

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