After You Dessert Cafe

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Restaurant: After You Dessert Cafe

Location: Multiple Locations

Date consumed: 30 December 2014

What I ordered: Nutella Toast & Chocolate Sphere

Nutella Toast


Chocolate Sphere



Food rating:

Nutella Toast: 3 / 5 – Good

Chocolate Sphere: 2 / 5 – Mehh [unimpressed with the taste]

Comments: My first trip back to BKK in a looong time with my sister, After You was a MUST HAVE on her list. The ever popular Dessert Cafe had me waiting for 20 minutes before our table was available. The Nutella Toast was good but it was a far cry from the Honey Toast I had at Le Tao – Hokkaido! It was too sweet for my liking and I didn’t think it was worth my calories especially after a heavy dinner.

The Chocolate Sphere was more of an entertainment show-piece rather than a TO DIE FOR dessert. Also I believe it’s a special only for the month of December 2014.

Conclusion: It was a nice hangout spot; the Nutella toast was good but comparing it to the Honey Toast I had in Hokkaido, sadly it didn’t live up to my expectation.

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