Le Petit Chef by Elements in The Hive TREC @ Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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I was invited by my friends to dinner at Le Petit Chef for my birthday, they were really really amazing to plan something so creative!

Unfortunately the entire experience was quite an eye roll.

We had a table for 6 booked an one hour before dinner (told to be at 6.30pm), they called and said they would be splitting us to a table of 4 and 2! This is ridiculous and of course unacceptable! It turns out that they’ve double booked us with another party.

And with the 6.30pm thing. Apparently on the website it says dinner seating is at 7.00pm, then after you book and pay a deposit, you will then receive an email telling you that you MUST be there between 6.30pm – 6.50pm.

My friends and I frantically beat the KL rush hour traffic with Waze, just to get to the wrong Waze location and spending another 20 minutes in traffic to get to the correct place. When we told them that they should probably fix their Waze location, they just said that’s their marketing team’s responsibility.

One of my friend arrived at the second course and they wouldn’t serve the first course to her, not even on the side. So just take note on that if you happen to be late.

The second course – prawn, the size of the prawn was a joke, not to mention half of my prawn was raw, but according to them, it’s a high quality prawn and raw is safe to eat. After telling me that it’s safe to eat the raw prawn, they decided it’s probably a better idea to just get me a new prawn, which they did, and the prawn is cooked by torching and they really toasted my second prawn šŸ˜….

My third course was beef and my beef was torched on the outside but blue (raw) on the inside. My 5 friends also had beef and theirs were over cooked – when we asked what’s the beef supposed to be, they told us medium šŸ˜…

My friends got me my favourite cupcakes from @BakedInChelsea! Seriously you guys are the best. They served it and told us we can look at it but not eat it. They didn’t even give us a candle. A few moments later another server said we could eat it as he could tell that we thought the whole dining experience had too many problems.

My friend also went online to check out what Le Petit Chef was and saw the animated videos, what you see is pretty much exactly what you get so DISCLAIMER! If you plan to visit the restaurant, do not watch the video.

Lastly, we were asked to leave at 8.40pm so they can prepare for the next seating.


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