Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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I loove the biscuits from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (although I do prefer Le Tao biscuits more).

Was so excited when I saw they had a kiosk outside Mercato Pavilion!!!

So the first time I got the twist (milk + cheese) flavour ice cream cup with a biscuit and slice of cheesecake – RM25.

RM25 isn’t cheap for a snack, but it is tasty. Biscuit is tasty as usual, cheesecake was alright- can totally live without. Now, the ice cream, I can’t decide if I liked cheese or milk more 🙈

They have a cute small seating area.

Went back again a few days later and had the Parmesan come with cheese flavour ice cream – RM18.

The cone was good but got boring after a while.

My friend got a cup to try and she got an extra piece of biscuit – they’re having a promo where you get 2 biscuits on Sundays.

Overall I guess it is tasty and worth a try but it can be quite expensive.

Ice cream starting price from RM12 with normal cone.

Although it’s normal, I am low-key sad that my cup ice cream was hollow in the middle 😭

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