Dewakan @ Shah Alam, Malaysia

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Hello to one of my favourite fine dining places in Malaysia!

Dewakan is top on my list for great value fine dining, a proper fine dining place where the menu is creatively constructed and well executed, down to the service level.

Apart from Dewakan, Nadodi would be the other restaurant I’d think is worth going to (in KL) but the prices are less kind.

17 course Kayangan (marathon) menu. Overall the the dining experience was just as I remembered, intricate and enjoyable. I did prefer the starters over the mains. My comments as follows.

Bread: made from some wheat and butter with a tasty leaf at the bottom.

Unfortunately I can’t remember every detail of the dish, but I do remember if I liked it! Haha. And I liked the butter! Although the bread was kinda rock hard, I still helped myself to 5 pieces.

1. Choy Sum Nori. I remember having the during my first visit 2 years ago and this is yummy! No wonder it’s still here after all this time.

2. Mushroom Tartlet. One of my favourite dish of the night! The crust is so crunchy and the mushroom so spongey. Only the tartlet is edible, but the presentation is too cute!

3. Baby Corn. Wow, best corn I’ve ever had! Crusted with crumps this course is mini but packed with flavour!

4. Mango Curry. Frozen mango on a bed of curry. Kinda reminds me of baby food, was alright.

5. Yogurt and Roselle. Like a semi-frozen yogurt sushi.

6. Prawns Warmed In Starfruit Juice With Herbs. I love prawns! And I really enjoyed this dish, it’s very herby.

7. Savoury Cake. Made like a takoyaki, texture sorta like cornbread.

8. Banana Hearts With Kerdas. This looked very pretty but mine was way too salty. Unfortunately they never asked how was the food so I didn’t get to give my feedback.

9. Goat Tartare. With pumpkin. I LOVE tartare but I didn’t like this, it was a bit too gamey for me.

10. Roast Eggplant With Keluak & Candlenut Oil. I like eggplant dishes, this was okay, like eggplant in oyster sauce only.

11. Slow Cooked Red Snapper With A Broth Made From Temu. The server asked if I liked fish, and I’m like – no, haha. He’s like – you’ll change your mind after this. It was good! I enjoyed this dish but I didn’t fall in love with fish.

12. Black Banana Porridge. With duck blood sausage, picked vegetable root and salted egg bits. I… couldn’t eat this, I did not like this 😰 the blood sausage was so gamey and the porridge was like a banana flavour red bean soup.

13. Kid Goat from Boden Farm With Petai-So. Goat leg with cubed goat shoulder. Again quite a gamey dish. The goat shoulder was ok but the leg with the petai sauce on it, okay but no thanks. I wish they still had the duck with blood sauce, unfortunately the duck is not on their current menu.

14. Tapai And Pickled Rose. Tapai is some sort of fermented rice. A pallet cleanser. Good and refreshing.

15. Sweet Leaf Sorbet and Nam Nam. Nam nam are the fruits at the bottom.

16. Temuan Chocolate With Jaggery Ice Cream. Temuan is a tribe in Pahang, Malaysia that collects the cacao. Good chocolate dish.

17. Popsicles. Soursop flavour (left) chiku flavour (right)

And here’s the bill:

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