Tatsuya At Goodwood Park Hotel @ Singapore

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So I’ve heard sooooo much about this place. Good things. From a few people. All I have to say is stupid.

Really. I don’t mean to insult anyone but I don’t understand why anyone would think that this place was great. Of course the food is pretty good but I base my experience on overall value – taste of food, presentation, ambiance, service, menu variety and most importantly price.

Seriously, eating here especially paying SGD with my RM income was a joke.

Perhaps if you order smartly with all the good value ala carte items, things might be different, but let’s go through my experience.

Here’s the bill:

I had the Sushi Menu ($100) and here’s what I got,

1. Century egg tofu

2. Slimy seaweed thing (left) Small fish with vege (right)

3. 7 pieces of Aburi Sushi, tamago & sushi roll

4. Soup

5. Something like a creme brulee ice cream

Dollar to dollar I guess $100 is alright, but not when I’m spending my hard earned MYR! I just wasn’t pleased with the entire experience. We were seated at the counter where not even one of the 4 chefs there were Japanese, they were what I could assume as Singaporean and spoke in mandarin as they served me everything pretty much all at once! I’m used to my sushi served over counter piece by piece. Only when seated at a table does my sushi ever come in one shot.

Omakase menu ($150). This so called omakase wasn’t much better.

1. Can’t remember what this is called

2. Uni tofu (left) ?? (right)

3. Aburi Bowl – pretty much exactly what the sushi menu main is but plated in a bowl.

4. Soup (same as sushi menu)

5. Sorbet

I have no words.

I wasn’t hungry anymore by the end of it but I was deeply dissatisfied by the meal and decided to have a look at the ala carte.

Ordered half a special Rainbow Sushi Roll ($30)

And half a Special Maki ($12)

I would have been sooooo happy with the lunch if I had just had a serving of the Special Maki. $24 for a serving of Special Maki for lunch, sounds alright, instead of $100 of Aburi nonsense.

That’s all from my, dine at your own risk.

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