Bref by Darren Chin @ TTDI, Malaysia

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A cheaper version and more casual dining compared to DC restaurant, it had an open kitchen and was lucky to be seated next to the open kitchen because it left me puzzled and wondering if I would ever come back.

Most of the food were tasty, the service and ambiance is pretty good, but personally I’m not sure if the value is great given that I saw quite a few supermarket store-bought ingredients in the open kitchen.

Bread – complimentary. Most probably from Huckleberry.

3 pieces of mini Croissant for RM12. Purchased from another bakery.

Leeks – RM30. from Cameron Highland. Really mehh.

Solt-Baked Beets. Not bad. RM32

Black Autumn Truffle Pasta – RM165. Tasted good.

Galician Octopus (350gms) – RM148. Good as well.

Black White Green – RM35. A pannacotta meringue dessert.

With a bottle of Acqua Panna water, the bill came to about RM500 for 2 pax. At Restaurant DC you’re paying from RM350++ per pax, like I said, it’s a cheaper alternative for the a similar DC style and taste. It’s alright, but I’m not sure if this is worth it.

Menu on March 2019.

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