Xing Fu Tang @ SS15 Subang, Malaysia

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My boyfriend is a fan of bubble tea but we’re not exactly up for waiting too long for it so we came to Xing Fu Tang around 6.20pm on Sunday and waited a total 25 minutes from queue to receiving the drink.

I can’t believe how expensive these drinks are.

Here’s what I think. The taste of the drink was alright, a bit too light for me since it’s pretty much just milk and some cream mousse. I think the caramelised brown sugar on the top is just for show and didn’t actually do much.

I prefer the taste of Tiger Sugar KL which was sweeter but had more cendol-like flavour. You can actually get the milk from the supermarket, it’s repackaged for commercial use but on the shelves it’s branded as Magnolia by F&N.

The pearls at Xing Fu Tang were amazing! I don’t normally eat all the pearls but Xing Fu Tang pearls are a game changer! It’s soft, chewy and sweet. Pretty much the winning component of the drink for me.

25 minutes wait still ok la, 1 hour for this, I don’t think I’d be impressed!

Unfortunately they ran out of most of the drinks so didn’t get to try the other popular flavours.

Here’s a look at how their signature Brow Sugar Boba Milk is made.

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