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The FAMOUS Grimaldi’s Pizza

Restaurant: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Location: Under the Brooklyn Bridge, 1 Front Street, Brooklyn, New York Date consumed: 12 December 2014 What I ordered: Antipasto and Half white half regular pizza with Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Ham, Garlic and Jalapeño Food rating: Antipasto: 2 / 5 – Mehh [unimpressive] Pizza: 3.5 / 5 – Tasty! Comments: Grimaldi’s is known for their long wait in

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Le Cucine at EATALY – La Pizza & La Pasta

Restaurant: La Pizza & La Pasta – EATALY Location: 200 5th Avenue, New York Date consumed: 11 December 2014 What I ordered: Mozzeralla Ball & Pappardelle in butter sauce with white truffles [special] Food rating: Mozzeralla: 2 / 5 – Mehh [unimpressive] Pappardelle: 0 / 5 – Hopeless Comments: I was told by a friend, “You HAVE TO try EATALY!!!” and so I did,

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Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizzas Adventure

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try a deep dish pizza, so when I was in Chicago I decided to hit up 3 places!   3. Restaurant: Lou Malnati’s Chicago – River North Location: 439 North Wells Street, Chicago Date consumed: 14 November 2014 What I ordered: The Malnati Chicago Classic (with extra pepperoni) Food rating: 2 / 5 – Mehh [unimpressed] Comments:

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