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Some of my favourite Chinese pastries from Beng See Full Bakery @ Sungai Long Kajang! 

Pastries from Beng See Full Bakery. Google Maps:   Kaya pastry, Char siew pastry,  Salted eggyolk pastry.      

Tartine Bakery

Restaurant: Tartine Bakery Location: 600 Guerrero Street, San Francisco, CA Date consumed: 9 November 2014 What I tried: Ham Quiche & Banana Cream Tart Food rating:  Ham Quiche: 3 / 5 – Good Banana Cream Tart: 5 / 5 – Favourite! Comments: The crust of the quiche was deliciously buttery and flaky! Overall the quiche was really yummy but it was

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Rojak Cendol

Restaurant: Rojak Cendol Location: [GPS coordinates: 3.040980, 101.792393]. Sungai Long, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. Date consumed: Frequently What I ordered: Indian rojak (aka mamak rojak or pasembur) Food rating: 5 / 5 – Favourite! Comments: I used to live in Sungai Long and would have this a few times a month! The combination of flavours of the rojak components are absolutely amazing and

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After You Dessert Cafe

Restaurant: After You Dessert Cafe Location: Multiple Locations Date consumed: 30 December 2014 What I ordered: Nutella Toast & Chocolate Sphere Food rating: Nutella Toast: 3 / 5 – Good Chocolate Sphere: 2 / 5 – Mehh [unimpressed with the taste] Comments: My first trip back to BKK in a looong time with my sister, After You was a MUST

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No Chewing Allowed!

Company: No Chewing Allowed Location: Bryant Park Holiday Shops & The Holiday Market at Union Square & The Holiday Market at Columbus Circle, New York Date consumed: 2 December 2014 What I ordered: Hot Chocolate Drink rating: 3 / 5 – Good Comments: Super cute concept for chocolate truffles and their chocolate truffles are TO DIE FOR! But I can’t say

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