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Wong Ah Wah, Jalan Alor @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The Cardinal

Restaurant: The Cardinal Location: 234 East 4th Street, New York Date consumed: 6 December 2014 What I ordered: Fried Chicken Biscuit & Strip Steak and Eggs Food rating: Fried chicken and biscuits: 3 / 5 – Good Steak and eggs: 2 / 5 – Mehh [unimpressive] Comments: I came here with a friend because he said if I like

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Fried chicken & waffles!

Restaurant: Sweet Chick Location: 178 Ludlow Street, New York Date consumed: 5 November 2014 What I ordered: Chicken and Waffles & a side of Mac and Cheese Food rating: Chicken and Waffles: 3 / 5 – Good Mac & Cheese: 4 / 5 – YUM! Comments: The waffles were light and the chicken were just right, but the dish didn’t have anything for me

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